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There's no way of even describing Dillon, because nothing would do her justice. Sexiest, Funniest, Sweetest, Swaggiest and most incredible girl you could ever meet. Her smile, her laugh, her eyes, her hugs, her voice and just everything about Dillon is perfect. These are the sexiest of all Dylans and especially if you have α colored Dillon. They are often mistaken for Dillions but they keep their cool. If you have α Dillon you better keep her because you are one lucky guy. The Dillons are also great friends, they can keep secrets and have a good laugh with. Be sure to keep Dillon because she is one friend you cannot replace. She may not be the most smart or beautiful girl ever but she is one for the list. Dillon can surprise you so give her a chance.
Female Dillon means: A female of the male name "Dillon" it also meants "Lion" in Ireland and "The most amazing best friend" in a friend language.
"There is nobody like a Female Dillon"

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by Dillon ~.~ October 14, 2017
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