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A sexual position involving a gallon of old milk (preferably soy), a sac of muskrats, a dead skinless midget, bagels, an omaha steak (only the best!). The male tends to wear a ski mask with a rabbi outfit while the female is in her clown suit with her facial and armpit hair grown to their fullest extent.
(NOTE: this move usually attempted with the video camera and if it is your first time have a paramedic on site)
Cop 1: the man seems to have died while giving a felzer to his dog sir
Cop 2: holy shit!
by Bran Church June 18, 2008
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She ordered from the menu and created her own menu option , thus pulling a felzer.
The number 12 with the number 7's ingredients hence pulling a felzer.

by Lakeesha May 27, 2008
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