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pronounced: Fell (like, oh shit, i just fell off this latter) mo (the mo sound of homo) .....don't be stupid

1. A gay friend of a homosexual/gay male, lesbian...quite literally a FELLOW HOMO.

2. The gay in a group of gay friends that always seems to be the "attention whore" or one who thinks there "hot shit" -_-

^can be quite annoying!

3. A nice fag of a fag

4. Usually a gay guy, who tries to hard to get friends and is considered a player or tease. Tends to know everyone and goes to parties. Uses "charm" or "friendliness" to coax in cute boys and then dumps them for something new.

5. Is the stench of the poo pile. We all know one....
extreme case of a type 2 fell'mo

older Eric: "Hey babe, i really think that you are better looking that daryl. :)"

young Jimmy: "Really? ......oh wait, nice try fell'mo, i saw you talking to Jake like ten mins ago. IM NOT STUPID, SLUT!"


older Eric: "Hey man, whats your name? do we know each other?"

younger Bobby: "go fuck yourself fell'mo"
by tenderjack111 September 25, 2011
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