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To have sex with; Fuck.

To get with;makeout with; kiss with.

To get or give oral sex such as fingering, eating out, sucking etc....
Famous expression used in "Superbad" the movie made in 2007. Seth says "I dont want girls to think I suck dick at fuckin pussy where the girls are half as smart and therefore twice as likely to felaysh me."

Jabarous find me some girl to felaysh this weekend.
by Off. Michaels March 05, 2009
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noun, verb, adjective

1. to give oral sex (or oral sex as a noun or adjective, e.g. felaysh-buddies)

2. also as a substitute for any ambiguous sexual act that you would rather not specify for whatever reason

3. also as a substitute for any human contact/interaction if it is unknown or causing some annoyance to the speaker

see felashe
1. she is so going to felaysh me tonight

2. i'd felaysh that fine ass any day

3. Where are Jason and Pablo?
I don't know, probably felayshing somewhere...
by Mexi-Jason May 07, 2008
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