A saying that came from Joe Zimmerman after he herd about Dan Wilson's arrest. Can be related to being a light weight, feeling no shame or not showing any dignity.
Ryan Hinchy: Yeah Dan had like 2 beers, he was so drunk haha

Joe Zimmerman: FEEL NO PAIN D-WIL!
by D-Wil April 1, 2008
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I compassionately understand what you are going through and there may have been some times I have undergone the very same thing or similar.
Guy #1: That Brian dude smells so awful because being near him makes me sick both mentally and physically.
Guy #2: I feel your pain! I have encountered similar jerks like that and they make me want to vomit.
by Touche Touche! February 26, 2018
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A childish yet effective coping mechanism often used by customer service agents when they've been speaking to an imbecile too long. It consists of reiterating everything stupid the caller says loudly so everyone around you can feel the same level of frustration you are experiencing.

support agent #2: Why is he shouting like that?

support agent #3: He's obviously got an imbecile on the line and has relapsed into feel my pain mode.
by Jesse Stacey May 17, 2008
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Something you would say to someone in a deep and relatable situation, especially when they are referring to their past and you had a similar past or a different past but still felt the same thing.
Oliver: All of my life, I have felt like nobody has given me attention
Katie: I can feel your pain
by Worse than JJ March 28, 2020
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When the vegan teacher says “plants don’t feel pain”well I’ll explain down there👇
Plants feeel pain because well wen u pick them and make then to food and you eat them….. well UR TECHNICALLY HURTING THE PLANT THE VEGAN TEACHER IS STUPY so ya plants feel pain
by #by griffeticrazis January 20, 2022
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