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The most epic pokemon next to magikarp if it uses splash or tackle the universe will explode thats why it is rare in the pokemon games
Pkm Trainer: Dude i just caught a feebas time to battle the Elite Four

Every Member Of Elite Four: THATS IT IM RETIRING
by William Luzuriaga March 26, 2010
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a feebas is for men definition really hard to see your dick its really microscopic and for women it means really tight pussy that is hard to open it.
hey dude do you have a feebas ?
dude 2: uhh i guess (in mind what does that mean??)
hah! you got a microscopic dick!
hey girl you got a feebas

yeh i got a feebas
hah! you got a tight pussy that cant open!
by do you have a feebas? June 06, 2018
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