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the act of being affected by one's actions. Whether it be of annoyance, irratation, etc. Levels of "fection" are measured in percents 0-100%. Your "fection level" can range due to the amount of "fetction" one is giving you.
(Mike walks by Amanda's computer and rips all of her cords out. She becomes "fected" remembering she forgot to save her project)

Mike: Hey, Amanda how's it goin?
Amanda: F@#^ off mike I have so much fection.
Mike: Whats your level at?
Amanda: About a 89%
by ChadGSon October 19, 2009
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A highly philosophical word with nearly infinite but still great meanings. once used by great philosophers, it nows is the job of a few to decipher the emaning of the word from texts. because of this the meaning is highly argued upon and someignorant few believe it does not even exist.

1: a word meaning to philosophise a particular thought

2: a simple philosophical taboo word to make a point by any any angry philosophers

watever other meaning that have formed it goes without saying that this is a real word, and (except for a few) 6 billion people in the world if confronted by it would also agree
1:'' I fection that the universe was created by giant lizards''

2: ''the world is made of the remains of dead space turtles by fection''!
by 21st century philosopher September 25, 2010
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Fection= a hot ass broad saying to you "I just help but suck dick, can u help me?"

Not fection= finding she also has a dick
by HudsonNJ July 25, 2005
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