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When a woman has anal sex, there is a chance that she could tear a small hole in her anal wall, over time this hole could widen and allow feces to enter her vagina during deffication. This feces, which comes out the vagina instead of the anus, is know as feashes.
oh my god! I need a gynecologist, there is feashes in my vagina.
by Don Johnson January 06, 2004
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noun (pl. fish)

The true way to say more then one fish. It might not be in the English dictionary but we all know that "fish" can't represent multiple fish.
"Yo man there's so many giant feashes in the water!"
"Yeah bro I see them...shake them feashes."

fish fishies fishes phish feash
by ASIANMAN29 June 18, 2011
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can mean what ever your looking at, can be something bad or a slag
yo pass me the feash or your such a feash
by max April 17, 2005
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the smell of a less than fresh vagina, when the smell is detectable and offensive from the moment you walk into a room
Example 1: That is one Feash Vag, you should probably go decontaminate yourself.

Example 2:

Guy 1:"Hey dude what is that smell? I'm dry retching over here"
Guy 2:"Your girlfriend man, her gash is seriously feash, when was the last time you had her cleaned?"
by Gon_3011 December 25, 2010
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