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The coolest town in the entire state of Pennsylvania characterized by trucks and farms everywhere. The local hang out spot is the gas station and if visited after school lets out will be swarming with high school kids who stand around and smoke to look cool than squeal the tires when leaving as to make whatever piece of shit they are driving seem cool. To our west is the town of Delta who we dont mind because they are bigger hicks than us, but to the east is Stewartstown who many residents of both Fawn Grove and Delta hate. Many of the kids in Stewartstown believe they are super bad ass thugs because their town is bigger than ours and they have their own two car police department. Truth is, Stewartstown is still about the size of like 2 or 3 city blocks so at least the little thugs over there dont have much turf to defend, as if anybody else would want it. Fawn Grove is also referred to as the fg or the 382 because it and closeby area New Park share the same second 3 digits of their phone numbers "382"
Hey man you up to anything tonight
-Yea, I might head over to Fawn Grove I heard theres some sick parties there tonight.
by tar213 March 27, 2009
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