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Person that claims to be American Indian (i.e. Native American for you PC types). Goes all out with the braided hair, beads often coupled with the usual trappings of lefty-chic fashion such as dark sunglasses, berets and shirts with that douchebag Che plastered on the front. See Ward Churchill for an example.
Steve has gone in big-time for the fauxcahontas look and lifestyle since he took that Native American Cultural Indoctrination course, I call him by his Indian name: Walksfoolishlikecrazywhitewoman.
by Garabaldi2 October 06, 2011
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The name for Elizabeth Warren, who claimed to be 1/32 Native American to get a teaching position at Harvard. She is not accepted by Native American tribes as a Native American, and has used a fake minority status to further her career and political agenda.
We have a well known member of congress, Elizabeth Warren, who we affectionately call Fauxcahontas, as everyone knows her claimed heritage is an outright lie and a gross example of the way the left uses race to their advantage, playing minorities like puppets. She will probably use this in her presidential run in 2020 to claim her backing of "diversity"
by Ducati888 November 29, 2017
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Person who falsely claim to be Native American or of some lineage to a Native American tribe. This term is used as an insult for pc people who desire attention because they are "multi-racial".
Elizabeth Warren, a fauxcahontas in her own right, believed her 1/1024th percentage of Cherokee entitled her to another term and a custom war bonnet.
by Bill the child October 18, 2018
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