1: A fake Barack Obama, such as a stand in for public events.

2: Any black, male president on television, movies, ... etc.

Girl #1: Do you think Obama will really be at the inauguration?
Girl #2: No way! It'll probably be a Faux-Bama.


Guy #1: Hey, did you know they're coming out with a Vantage Point II?
Guy #2: Yeah, and the "President" in this one is a total Faux-Bama.
by Andii_xoxo January 16, 2009
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When Obama is less than successful/truthful. F'ing up Obama during midterm elections.
If one in the hand is worth two in the bush, its Fauxbama
When I looked at him, he looked like Fauxbama. Can't get anything passed in the legislature? It's Fauxbama. The president not being truthful? It's Fauxbama.
by fobama November 02, 2010
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