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Definition 1:
To boost to an extreme level.

Definition 2:
To exagerate beyond belief.

Definition 3:
To tell a lie
Example 1:
DA Boiz: Yo chris you fucked some girl in the club.

Christian: What? Oh yeah! Yeah man. Fuck. Y-y-ooo she was screaming my name so loud everyone cheeered Chris when I came out. Maan I was so drunk on ciroc and grey goose like fuck.

DA Boiz: How was it?

Christian: Yo man like.... It was so great.

DA Boiz: Come on..... Stop Fattuzing.

Chrisi Cmon man, i'm right here.

Example 2:

Lightskin: Hey man I have NBA 2K14.

Corny: Really bahd? When did you get it?

Lightskin: Well I don't actually have it yet... But li...

Corny: FATTUZ!
by St.Paul March 26, 2013
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