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Afflicted with all the characteristics of bastardom and an uncommonly large ass.
"look at that fatstard, crying while eating a suppository... pathetic"
by MegaProdigy May 16, 2008
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A obese male that wears his clothes too tight and let's his muffin top hang all out. A fatstard is also a obese male that wears saggin' pants without wearing underwear. The fatstard has no consideration for the people who are blinded by his enormous ass crack and muffin top.
Friend 1. "Wow that fatstard has a huge, smelly ass crack!"

Friend 2. "Hey you fucking fatstard pull up your damn pants!!"

Girl 1. " Omg Tim is such a gay fatstard. Does he not know that he is too fat to wear skinny jeans?! "

Girl 2. "Ewww his muffin top is disgusting."
by Male Romper May 26, 2017
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