The motivational encouragement of fat people to become thin again.
friend: Do you support fatism?
me: Yes I do. I am talking to 3 fatsos, trying to make them realize how ugly and stupid they are.
by 2HITLER4ME July 27, 2014
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Fatism defines the prejudice to fat people (aka being rude to fat people)
Ryan: Fat people are fat!
Omar: Hey, ryan! Don't say that! That's fatism! :O
by OmzWG June 7, 2014
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Prejudice against overweight persons. Also weightism. Very common in Europe, less so in America where most of the population is out of shape.
Fatism permeates the fasion industry.
by Count of Monte Christo July 1, 2004
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Prejudice and discrimination against people who are considered overweight according to current societal standards. Fatism, or weightism, is frequently excused, tacitly approved, and perpetuated on the basis that it is linked to the legitimate health concern of obesity. However, the function of fatism is not health-related. Instead, it is a means to oppress and marginalize an individual based on a perceived inadequacy in their appearance. Fatism can even be a subconscious, internalized bias.

Fatism is also often viewed as a feminist issue, because this form of discrimination is generally applied more heavily against women than men in most modern cultures.
When Bill decided to promote Gwen instead of Margaret because he felt Margaret’s extra weight was repulsive and didn’t represent the company's values, it was a clear case of fatism.
by Lelliefant February 7, 2019
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