A very cute girl , that just has the greatest smile ever seen in the world. Even know she doesn't know how perfect she really is, much as they say she can be more than anyone can think. She's more than amazing person, she's the most important thing to have on your side. Even know she doesn't like drama, she will still find a way to kick your ass. This girl has the greatest personality and you be lucky to have her in your life.
by Alwaysfatcheeks January 12, 2018
A person that has an uncanny ability to be cheeky and greedy at the same time
"hey fatcheeks no matter what you spin you aint gettin it"
by L.K.NO October 25, 2006
a person who's head weighs more than the ret of their body,i.e someone who bulks only in their face
that man's bulging head is heavier than his face,he is a fatcheek
by bongacatz February 17, 2022