A medium pizza, rolled up and deep-fried. It is officially called a pizza roll. Usually ordered when intoxicated. The favorite food of drunk St. Lawrence University students. If eaten sober, the first few bites tend to taste quite delicious. The same can't be said about the last few bites. THE ultimate diet killer, hence the name "fatbag."
"I was so drunk last night, I called Sergi's and ate a whole fatbag by myself."
by Larry and Muffy March 12, 2006
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Verb - This is when you you have sex with a fat, ugly woman who should, by all rights, be forced to walk around with a bag around her head.

Noun - Fatbagger - A woman who is to be fatbagged.
"Let's go fatbaggin'"
"Man, I was so wasted last night. Was I fatbaggin' it?"

Fatbagger: "Man, I'm so horny, I could even go for a fatbagger!"
by Ross S and Kyle R March 11, 2004
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Fatbag is another word for a shopping bag stuffed with - often discounted - products. A fatbag is stuffed to a level where it almost breaks, thus looking like a fatbag.
He carried a fatbag out of the shop as he had made many good bargains.
by Syl Sammy September 6, 2015
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A young man that works at McAlisters deli who thinks he is skinny but is really a fat lard.
by Yourfrenemy August 13, 2013
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(Noun, pl) Tits that are actually just bags of fat; they are totally shapeless, and can only be found on fat people. They frequently cause boner whiplash.
Susan: You have way bigger boobs than I do!
Mindy: No, your boobs are way bigger because they are not even boobs, they are fatbags.
by lechatquirit March 11, 2009
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