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A drinking game played with a fat deck of cards.


1)Get a fat deck of cards
2)Deal 5 cards to everyone starting with the person to your left
3)Flip the cards in front of you
4)Person to left picks first card
5)Players with the card in front of them drink
--2 drinks if you pick it and have it
6)Next person has to get a higher card or the same suit as the card picked before
--If unsuccessful drink until you pick a card that fits the criteria
(Keep in mind that the rule drink if you have the card still applies for everyone)

Additional Rules

1)Pass around a fatty bag of Doritos
2)Ace is high
3)Ace of Spades is drawn, everybody drinks
4)If you have multiple of the same card and the card is drawn, fucking drink twice
5)Cheers all around if the same number is picked in a row
Ryan: Yo lets get drunk
Pat: I'm down what game we playin'
Tim: I know, lets play Fat Deck
Everyone: Word
by Curtis Fox November 26, 2011
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