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When you buy some weed and get alot for the amount you paid.
Me:Got the weed maan
Tom: Whats the deal like?
Me: We got a FAT deal!
Tom: Oo we guna have a fat smoke!
Me: O fo sho!
by Taska Babee October 13, 2008
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when entering a supermarket or smaller shop you are looking about to score some deals. When you find that ideal one you are to refer to it as a "Fat Deal" as its low prices makes it available for you to purchase it without having to spend Bare Cash.
M - "oi shan come into tescos for some scran"
R - "shan no everything there is bare expensive"
J- "OH KURWA, there are fat deals in tescos right now, actual go in and buy it"
M,R - "shan J no way there actually is Fat Deals now, cheers bro x"
J - "i got you bro x"
by AsdaMann March 07, 2018
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