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Originating at Washington College this Frenchish term refers to anything and everything.

1. Any not retractable awning protruding from the ceiling of an eatery.

2. An alcoholic concoction consisting of Everclear and Fresca in any volume.

3. Sex

4. A substitution for a swear word.

5. Having a good day.

6. Being too heavily influenced by drugs and or alcohol.

7. A mistake of any magnitude.

8. Literally anything that you want to use the faschuaing thing for.

9. There is no real definition.

10. Lounging.
1. That's a real nice faschua you got above the bar there.

2. You guys wanna pregame with a faschua?

3. Will faschuaed her on an airplane!!!

4. Shut the faschua up you faschuain son of a faschua.

5. I'm ready to have a faschua of a weekend.

6. Dude you were really faschuaed last night at that party.

7. I faschuaed man. Last night I had a little many faschuas and my car through a fence into grazing cows.

8. Will and Keller are faschuaing all over the common room right now.
by The Omnipresent Faschua. March 25, 2010
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