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Farwest is where young teens to young adults(mostly Hispanics, where white and black attendance is rare) hang out on Friday and Saturday nights, where they dance to the uprising Mexican music sensation known as "Tribal." Which is a new emerging kind of music that has been popular among the new generation? The typical dancing style is dancing in a circle where you can pull out your own stunts and moves. Also if over the age of 21 the typical style is waving at the camera with a beer in one hand(Corona or Bud light preferably)and your hot girlfriend with the skinny dress and high heels (this can be mostly seen channel 29 "Canal Estrella" in the Dallas/Forth Worth area during late night hours) . Resent study shows that after Tribal music was first introduced in Dallas Texas it has been growing exponentially ever since. With that growth, also came a new style of dress. The typical attire is a tight almost see through button down shirt, which is traditionally worn with half the buttons down to where 99.9% of their upper epidermis is showing. Below, the usual attire is a pair of skinny jeans (the tighter the better) which can vary from many colors. The jeans are accompanied by new style of boots that look almost like elf shoes except they are made from many kinds of leather. The main attractiveness of these boots is their size. Like we all know size matters and these boots are no exception. Most boots are made to be twice or three times the length of the person wearing the boot.
CONTINUED: Assets include, customization ( boots can be customized to how ever you want them), barging rights, and good with the ladies ( usually ladies go for the guys with the bigger boots), and you will never grow out of them. The only draw backs are that it is impossible to climb stairs, drive cars, wear them to important business meetings, and that in general you will look like a fucking weirdo when you’re not at Farwest.
"Farweezy","Feezy"mexican slang abreviations of farwest

"Farweezy err waa" Modern code name of a person telling another person,if whether he wants to accompany him to farwest that night usually from 7-8 to sometime that is way past their bed time.
by eg18 February 13, 2012
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