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A) When a farter forces a known target to smell a fart. Sometimes done for revenge, but always without consent or apology.
B) When you drop the fart hammer on someone who is trapped in a situation and must endure the stench. Like hammering a fart in a car full of people.
I walked into my boss's office just before his Monday afternoon status meeting and fartraped him. I hope he likes Taco Bell.
by Davendork November 08, 2010
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whilst enjoying one of what you believe to your own farts, someone else will apologise for it being from their anus. Thus leaving you feeling filthy and violated for enjoying the smell from someone elses guff box.....
imagine sitting, watching the tv, full of self admiration for having bowels capable of developing and delivering a smell so hideous to others but fragrant to yourself when you nan fess's up to having split her cholostomy bag. - fart raped
by matttrakker March 30, 2010
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Sneaking in a silent and pungent fart, not warning the intended victim. Different than an SBD (silent but deadly) based on torturous intent.
My girl friend totally fart raped me while we were hiking. When I started gagging she just laughed.
by C H Luke November 13, 2011
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the act in which one person stands back to back to another and proceeds to fart, thus launching their own gas into the the unsuspecting others ass causing the victims butt-cheeks to reverberate the fart as if it were their own.

also referred to as the out-of-towner, as the fart ventures from it's domestic ass and into a place where it doesn't belong.
it's all fun and games til someone gets fartraped
by waggage02 December 03, 2010
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