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A car having some engine problem and always backfiring or suddenly stopping during driving making fart sounds.
Lately my car is giving me problems,always stopping during driving. i think i got a Fartmobile on my hand.
by Lorddigital January 31, 2009
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An automobile with an excessively large tail pipe that gives it a ridiculous sound that is comparible to someone farting into a microphone connected to a 10000 watt speaker. They create an outrageous ammount of noise polltion IMHO.

In my experience there cars tend to be modifed imports (Honda, Toyota), AKA Rice Mobiles as you probably know them as.
The Fart Mobile drove past our house and caused our windows to shatter with it's horrendously loud pipes.
by Steve ED November 08, 2004
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A person that has a great degree of cubustable pressure built within the anus that is released with an extreme powerful force of air causing a rotation of wind.
An extremely powerful force of wind from the anal sphincter that could make the human being into a Rocket powered entity a fartmobile.
by stinkerdoolittle February 17, 2008
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