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Someone who is known widely and talked about frequently for having bad breath. Whenever they get near someone they are told to get a mint or to just leave.

A Fart mouthed toad is usually black haired, average height, and lacking basic hygeine such as showering aswell.

A Fart mouthed toad can also be known for excessivley bad Body Odor. The Body Odor is so rancid that no one can come within 7 feet of them without smelling it, or their bad breath.

Fart Mouthed Toads are usually loners that spend social events playing on their phone or another hand held device.

Their lack of personal hygeine makes them an outcast, yet they do nothing to fix it.
Mouth: Wow, i was just standing next to that Fart Mouthed Toad in line and I had to move to the back it was so bad.

Body Odor: I was running track behind that Fart Mouthed Toad I had to drop back a position so I wouldn't breathe that toxic air.

Loner: Wow that Fart mouthed toad is just sitting in the corner watching ESPN on his phone, does he not know there are girls out here?
by unsatisfied smeller June 27, 2011
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