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The ultimate and unlimited source of knowledge, deemed by many to be far more credible than Wikipedia, Google and even the Mensa society. Esteemed institutions of higher learning such as the American Ivy League universities and Australia's top university, Monash University, only except references from Faropedia. Faropedia was founded by Pakenham local, Faro Knowles. For those of you who are uneducated - aka: Hoppers Crossingers - Pakenham is situated in Melbourne
Beyonce: I have to right my 20 000 word thesis for my PhD on engineering/physics/astronomy/biomedicine and law, do you know a credible source I can use

K-ro: Use wikipedia or google, or the Mensa Society

Faro: pfft, are you kidding? Faropedia is the way to go. Your one-stop shop for all information

Beyonce: Thanks faro, you're the best. I wish i was just like you :)
by Faro February 01, 2013
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The most bogus academic reference one could use, lacking in both factual evidence and credibility. Contrary to what some uneducated individuals may think, faropedia is only used at the bottom-of-the-barrel academic institutions. Southern University at New Orleans, University of Ballarat, Monash University to name a few.
There have been many petitions signed by academics at leading institutions to remove this faropedia. Congress is currently reviewing a bill to finally rid this world of faropedia and sanction any institutions recognizing it.
Tom: Dude, I totally screwed my metaphysics paper. Now I definitely can't become a scientist like I always dreamed.

Dick : I got an A+! You failed because you used faropedia. I told you not to use it.

Tom: Damn you faropedia, damn you!
by mensa society February 02, 2013
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