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Farmington, New Mexico is a small town in San Juan County. its small and full of Navajos. Its at the corner of New Mexico,
It lays in the four corners. Farmington is small but growing. Farmington High has the "ghetto" kids filld with stoners, skaters, hoochie momma's and wanna be gangsters. Piedra Vista is the ohther high school located far from the city where the rich stuck up kids go to school. Its filled with emos, jocks, gays, lesbians, and bi-sexuals come together. P.V. is the place for the wierd kids and that fat girl who dresses skanky!. Most teens go to tyhe local mall or older then life roller rink for a saturday night hook up. On the saturday nights at the roller rink its filled with pre-teens roaming around. Becarful u mite get a 13yr. old girl who looks 17 and a guy wo is 12 pretending to be 17. When you vists the mall u can see many couples and some that make you think is that a guy or a girl? Farmington is told to be full of witchcraft. Many Navajo people who are old are "traditional" who keep to their ways. Farmington contains 90% Navajo's 10% Mexicans 5% Whites 3% Blacks and 2% Asian all in all Farmington is a shitty lil town whoms towns folks think they own the world and religion rules, with churches in every street corner. Moving to Farmington can be the biggest regret in your life.
Person one:"Where is Farmington??"
Person two"What??"
Person one:"You know Farmington, New Mexico??"
Person two:"OH!! you mean the middle of no where?"
Person one:"exactly"
by Haru-Chan July 14, 2008
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