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A rural game played by predominantly by the son's of farmers. Farmerball involves at least 3 players and a ball of any size.

1 Player throws/kicks/punches/hits with stick/bat the ball into the air between the 2 other players. While doing this the the throwing player must shout "Farmerball".

The other two players must incapacitate the other and gain possession of the ball, this can be anything from a tackle to a punch/kick.

The game is won when the other player gives up or is incapacitated. The player throwing the ball may join in and attempt to win the ball themselves.

The main aim of the game is to have an excuse to hit your brother and claim its a game therefore avoiding trouble with your parents.
John, Jack and Jim and playing soccer in the park. John has the soccer ball while Jim and jack are a couple of feet away.

John kicks the ball into the air between Jim and Jack and yells 'Farmerball' while running at the other boys.

Jim immediately tackles Jack and gets up to run for the ball. John manages to reach Jim just as he is about to pick up the ball and trips Jim. John is about to pick up the ball when Jack jumps on his back and forces him down and punches him in the ribs.

Jack picks up the ball, winning that round of Farmerball.
by woley85 June 27, 2011
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