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A Fan of themselves for reasons Far from reality

A person who thinks they look like good looking celebrities to make themselves feel good.

They feel association may make them appear to have the characteristics of that person.

They might say they look like James Dean in the hope that it makes them appear cool like Mr Dean
That guy just said everyone thinks he looks like Robert Pattinson, he's such a FarFan, he looks more like Screech Powers.....let's bogwash him.
by HopScotchOnYourCrotch November 02, 2010
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Nigga who makes fun of the disabled, the mentally incapable, the gay community, the ocean, refers to people with down syndrome as "Downies." Their first name usually starts with "Sebastian."
"Dang bro, this fucking Farfan makes fun of my incapable son. Ima have to beat his ass."
by factorem September 11, 2016
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