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Fanthomas is the name of an insanely funny Norwegian webcomic-series that make a joke about the life of Jan Thomas a Norwegian, 42 year-old, super gay celebrity.

Fanthomas also jokes about almost every other Norwegian celebrity, but in a smaller manner than Fanthomas.

Every villain in Fanthomas is a spoof on a Batman villain. example: The Fiddler, Poison ร˜yvind, etc etc.

Fanthomas does not have any super-powers other than being super-fabulous and having tons of botox in a rail-gun.
His sidekick is his 18 year old boyfriend, in the series depicted as a small boy.
Norwegian person 1: Hey did you see the latest Fanthomas?
Norwegian person 2: Of course! Holy Calorie, why wouldn't I?
by MountainYard July 26, 2009
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