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the act of mathematically measuring the exact point at which a given bungee jumper will reach the bottom of their downwards fall. And positioning a tight female at this given point. the bungee jumper needs to be masturbating as he is falling so that when he makes direct insertion in the female vagina he cums inside of her, guaranteeing pregnancy. due to the very fast insertion, the cum is shot out at 27mph reducing the labor time to only 4.3 months opposed to 8. the offspring produced by preforming a fantastic elastic are more athletic than the average child.

Lance Armstrong, Michael Felps, tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Jeff Hamilton are all results of the fantastic Elastic
i wish i could be a sprinter on the USA Olympic, however im not athletic and fast enough. I grieve over it every day. I sure wish that my parents made me by preforming a fantastic elastic
by fantasticelastic May 07, 2009
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