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It can mean whatever you want it to mean. It can be used in a rude way or it can be used in a polite manner.

You know you are a fangat when you follow the SFP (Standard Fangat Procedure) and do the following:

- Over use the word 'fangat' to replace most words in your sentence..e.g. Instead of 'I am so hungry' you would say 'im fangatting hunger'

- Eat at one fast food chain restaurant, leave and realise you are still hungry so you go to the next fast food chain right next to the one you just eat in.

- Call your pet 'Fangat' (if its male - fangooti..if its female - fangooteyeh'

- You also call your friends and enemies 'Fangat' e.g. 'yes yes fangat'

- Wear funny clothing and items e.g. some of the fangats own orange,green and funny patterned PJ bottoms'

- Copy many things you see on T.V. and repeat it many times e.g. Baaaaarsickly (basically), Moniess (Money), Talk to me (terry tibbs) (a few phrases from fone jacker)

- Merge latin n english... into fanglish e.g. addus 'us' to mostus wordus

- Staying up until the early hours of the morning doing pretty much nothing... with a 9am lecture the next day

- Compete with fellow fangats to find out who's stomach can rumble the loudest during lecture (unintentionally ofcourse)

- Leave decisions down to fate by flipping a coin.. but then do the opposite e.g. heads for KFC tails for Subways...lands on tails but decide to go KFC

- Coming up with a song for every word someone uses

- Spread the fangat culture as much as you can

- Have to answer every phonecall with 'hallo yes'

- you switch on the washing machine and guess what there is no clothes init
you fangat! just do it and stop being such a fangat about it!
by Alice Moses February 10, 2008
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