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A formula for finding out what type of fan you are of a certain band. It has nothing to do with how much you love a band but what type of listener you are. Purely for fun.
It is a very simple formula, take the amount of songs you have heard by said band/artist and divide it by the amount of songs the band/artist has in their collection (using a calculator). You will most likely get a crazy decimal like 00.540182 or something. Take that number and round it to the nearest whole number. WALA, there is your listening percentage. You can now check the chart below to figure out what type of listener you are.

0-10%--Once in a while listener
(A few songs on your ipod, listen when your in the mood)

10-20%--Occasional Listener
(You probaly have most of the singles)

20-40%--Casual Listener
(You own all of the singles and a few tracks off of the third album)

40-60%--Avid Listener
(You own an album or two)

60-80%--Strong Listener
(You own a few albums, missing 1 or 2 but have tracks from the missing albums)

80-90%--Big Time Listener
(You have every album but there is an EP or two you can't seem to get your hands on)

90%-100%-Hardcore, Die-hard Fan
(You have every album, B-side, EP, LP and live recording or are dangerously close to having all of the music. Perhaps this is one of your favorite bands?)
Bob has 56% of Chaos In Captivity's* songs. He is an Avid Listener.

Mary has 10% of all the Fuzzy Hats of Death's* music. She is an Occasional Listener.

Samantha has 100% of the music by 99ยข Happiness*. She is a hardcore fan, she even has a tattoo of their logo. (A yellow happy face with a price tag attached)

*Chaos In Captivity, Fuzzy Hats Of Death and 99ยข Happiness are not real bands (at least I don't think they are). They are just band names that I came up with that I think are dope.

The "Fan Math" formula wouldn't really work with bands that have less than three albums. It just doesn't work with them
by Music_note_93 March 17, 2008
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