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the Polish god of rape.

long ago when a person was raped, it was beleved that Faltron would ascend from the heavens to mend the broken souls. he would destroy the horrible memories of rape. But then his power overcame him
in 1622 there was a young boy named Baltazar was raped by the 107 year old shaman of the town. Baltazar spent 2 yeas crying. all the towns folk got sick of hearing the child. after a strict town meeting, they decided to sacrifice all the animals they could find as a gift for the gods to despose of this child. Zeus heard took there sacrifices but did not do a thing about the child. The polish zues saw this act of crealty and made a vowe to become the god of rape. this was like killing two birds with one stone since the real zues was sueing the polish zues for stealing his name but thats political crap ment for another time. Anyways polsh zues changed his name to faltron and descended from the sky to mend baltazars shattered soul. but faltron was a hormone crazed god and wondered what it could feel like to cause this much pain to one child for his own pleasure. he raped baltazar with his god penis and stole his soul and thus became the all mighty ass ripping.
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