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The act of punching someone in the face. Used in Hawaii by the locals. A more severe version of the "False Crack" is the "False Crack Medivac," which is when someone is punched so hard, they need to go to the hospital.
Russell was acting like a prick so I had to give him false cracks.
by Agent Buckwald July 30, 2004
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A hard punch to the face. Used colloquially in Hawaii as part of the local dialect of pidgin English.
You betta watch yo' mout or you gonna get one false crack, bra.

It would be highly advisable if you were to choose your words with care, or else you will receive one false crack, sir.
by blastron March 10, 2005
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A Hawaiian slang term meaning a punch to the face and, from what I thought, often done without much more than a verbal warning at most. A surprise punch that catches the recipient at least somewhat off-guard.

Also just to "false" or getting "falsed"
Also "dirty cracks" or "dirty lickings"
Dey wuz arguing for so long until James jus wen false crack em!!!

He was talking shit so I falsed dat faka and he wen drop li' dat!!!
by JLiRD March 03, 2007
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