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1.) To methodically go through and strip from a file every possible unnecessary, redundant or irrelevant piece of paper, with the intention of minimizing storage space required by that file. This may include the cutting or tearing off of of portions of a piece of paper that do not contain any relevant information for the file it is contained in.

The benefit of Fallmanizing a file is that the bulk of a file is reduced, and essential documents are preserved and easy to locate.

The feared consequence of such an action would be that potentially important documents might be inadvertently discarded.

Fallmanizing can also be the manifestation of someone suffering from Papyrophobia or Vacansopapurosophobia, irrationally fearing the accumulation of unnecessary papers and documents.

A critical reason individuals should keep copies of their own important documents rather than relying on others to maintain their paperwork in files they have no control over.

This term has also been used by Conspiracy Theorists to refer the unauthorized alteration of human DNA in abductees by extra-terrestrials.
I can't find that paper, I hope it wasn't Fallmanized before it went to storage.


Those who view themselves as unfortunate victims of alien abductions may find consolation in the alternate view that the Fallmanziation of their DNA may not simply be malevolent interference; but acts perpetrated with true Universal altruism. Perhaps their DNA has only been Fallmanized for storage in an ark of sorts, to save us from what irreparable harm we might inflict upon ourselves once the cat is out of the box and we see what our childish curiosity might have done to it.
by c. mcbryde October 23, 2010
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