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Fall River, MA is a city along the East Coast of the United States. Part of a collection of cities known as New England. Popular for an 1800s Axe Murderer and a World War II battleship. The city has since fallen from its golden days of being one of the textile capitals of the world in early 1900s and being among the top ten industrial cities to being 43rd in crime, and ranked 5 on USA Today's worst cities to live in as of 2016. The city has an annual race between its Homeless rate, Its Unemployment rate, and its crime rate. Crime rate typically wins. The drug troubles have plagued the city at an alarming rate. Although violent and often ghetto. The city diversifies itself with great places to eat. The food in Fall River is incredible. Mostly due to the cultural diversity of the town. From Portuguese to Spanish, To African American cosine the city has different sections that have you covered. Even some amazing Lebanese meat pie places like Sam's and Mario's will be sure to make you happy. In terms of food the town is incredible. The town is divided among a Flint area which is filled with Portuguese natives along with a lot of urban crowds. The Portuguese natives hold annual feasts and have set up meat markets along Alden St. Also a Highlands area where the lawyers and slightly more upper class live and the South end where the African Americans and the Spanish tend to live.
Louis- Hey Carl, want to go to the Portuguese feast down alden st and get some great food and see everyone.
Carl- Yeah sure buddy, lets go get some chourico sandwhiches.
Louis- Gotta love it in Fall River Massachusetts
by GM123 July 18, 2016
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A small Portuguese town where everyone thinks they know everybody, and everyone thinks they are related to Lizzie Borden. And most kids end up at the shitty B.M.C. Durfee high school. They have the most ridiculous accents, and nobody would give a shit if it was just bombed and taken off the map.
"Hey do you know anyone important from Fall River Massachusetts?"
"Nah, anyone from Fall River is a waste of skin"
by superspammer January 27, 2009
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