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An undefined being. Extremley mysterious, we do not know whether it is female or male, just that it is annoying. We do not understand its goal or its purpose, yet it lingers like a disease. Truly, it is something annoying. Fucking Falhrus.
*Falhrus approaches*

Person 1: "Oh noes! Hurry! Escape! Or you'll be annoyed to death!"
Person 2: I was too slow! Nooooooo . . .
by #1 Epihime Fan February 09, 2018
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Falhrus is a pervert who likes to deny being a masochist. Although he can also be a pretty nice guy once you get to know him.
Guy 1: “You know, I was hesitant to be your friend, but turns out your actually a Falhrus.”
by Randomperson432 February 09, 2018
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