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When two or more people converse in a random manner. An unknown subject is usually brought up, and even if the people participating in the conversation don't know what the subject means, they continue to add thoughts and everyone goes along acting like it's real.
Person 1- "Oh, there goes the soup cracker bird, peddling his wares."
Person 2- "Look at that cucumber-stone flavored soup he appears to be peddling today. It looks tasty, doesn't it?"
Person 1- "I should say so! How's about we call him over, buy us some soup, and feed it to homeless people."
Person 2- "What a grand idea! As long as the homeless people are green."
Person 1- "Wow, that was some random faketrish!"
Person 2- "Yeah, random enough to be an example of Urban Dictionary!"
by Mr.Codswallop June 13, 2013
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