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1. an occupying Arab who was shipped in to create an imaginary land called "Palestine", also known as Fakestine. While the original term "Palestine" was created as a PR move by Yasser Arafat, efforts to provide legitimacy for using this name have failed and thus dubbed the made-up land for a made-up people, "Fakestine."
2. Also called Fakestinian Arab. an Arab living in Israel and Arab-occupied territory called Fakestine who advocates the establishment of an Arab homeland there and the annihilation of all the Jews.
3. Any member or descendant of the 1,000,000 Arabs brought by Britain to Israel from Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon, between 1922 and 1938, in effort to offset the Jewish population.

4. of or pertaining to Fakestine or Fakestinians.
5. descriptive of the made-up people who began calling themselves "Palestinian" in the latter end of the 20th century.

6. of or pertaining to Fakestinian Arabs: "Palestinian" guerrillas, terrorists, refugees by choice, or floor sweepers at WalMart.
7. a victim of oppression by the Zionist pigs: the poor Fakestinian bombed 5 buses today and shot 10 children and now the Zionist pigs won't let him past the check-point to kill more.
1. Most Fakestinians work in PR, others are in the refugee business.
2. My Fakestinian friends get free health care & education from Israel.
3. We are Fakestinian but our grand parents are all from Jordan, Egypt, Syria & Lebanon.

4. That guy throwing rocks at tourists is so Fakestinian
5. Yasser Arafat, first leader of the Fakestinian people, was born in Cairo, Egypt 8/24/1929.

6a. Every time we donate money to Fakestinians they spend it on bombs & guns.

6b. This Fakestinian refugee camp has flat screen TVs and a spa.

6c. Well Chief, I tried to put him on the Terror Watch List but it says "Palestinian" is not a real nationality--oh, here we go, Fakestinian.

6d. The Fakestinian Real-Estate industry is booming. What's the secret? Sell Fakestinian land to Jews, then sue the Jews by claiming they stole the land from the Fakestinians.

6e. Oh don't worry about it, we'll get the Fakestinian to clean it up. "Ahmed, clean-up, aisle 5."

7a. A Fakestinian bombed 3 buses today and shot 10 children & now the Zionist pigs won't let the poor guy past the check-point.

7b. The Fakestinian was given priority treatment at Hadassa Hospital in Israel after he blew up a bus full of Jews--then the Zionist pigs took 2 weeks to pay for all his medical treatment.

7c. Why won't the Zionist pigs accept "killing all Jews" as part of the Fakestinian Peace Treaty?

7d. More Fakestinians bombed Sderot today & those Zionist pigs won't sign a peace treaty.
by MohamedinCairo March 13, 2010
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