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When your roommate makes you take care of their pet that you hate.
Roommate 1 "I'm going out of town for two weeks. Will you take care of my cat? "
Roommate 2 "Sure, I'll fakecare of your cat"
by Macaully McCulkin May 19, 2016
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When someone doesn’t really care about people and just fake care about people to make people believe they actually care about people but in reality they don’t care about people at all just faking it
She fake care about me by telling me I am beautiful but She didn’t actually mean it.
by Wise truth teller September 05, 2018
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(n.) The GOP's war against socialized medicine, known in America as Obamacare, whose ultimate goal is to repeal the latter and replace it with a crude scheme that will ensure that lives of the non-rich Americans will be as nasty, short , and brutish as the insurance companies want them to be.

(v). to pass a bill repealing and replacing Obamacare.
The Senate is expected to fakecare the new health bill before the 4th of July weekend.
by londonsufist July 13, 2017
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