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Easy access girls who hang around venues that commonly shelter the "hardcore" and "emo" movement. Easily identified by the tons of layers and stupid colors in their hair, Drop Dead, Gorgeous/Paramore shirts, tight pants, Classic Chuck Taylors, and relative blank look on their face. Also, their mouths have a certain "hanging" effect, as they can't completely close, as a result of giving too much dome.

There is though, a fine(very fine) distinction between normal scene girls, and Fake Scene Dome Girls. FSD girls, usually have no information about the "scene", and really just associate it with any shitty band playing at a Warped Tour they've been to several years in the past(Ex. The Devil Wears Prada, Bring Me the Horizon, That hippy from From First to Last).

Although, they might shock you, and start talking about wecamewithbrokenteeth and how they have a chick singer and drum machine. But once they throw in the phrase, "started Grindcore", you can than conclude the subject is FSD, punch her in the face, and leave.

First coined by Devo( and Sam. Both of them are fsd, unless you exclude Devo, who is CFSD(Chocolate Fake Scene Dome)
Uninformed Concert Go-er: "Dude, check out that cute girl right there, standing really still, not really excited by the breakdown, near the front of the stage!"

Informed Concert Go-er: "No brah! She's Fake Scene Dome! Look! She's wearing the shirt she bought at this show!"
by mxnsxxr May 28, 2008
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