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Sometimes you hear people being referred to as a "plastic barbie," and you probably don't know the text they are putting this phrase in. To be blunt, a plastic barbie is a fake, shallow, thin-minded person, with the looks and metaphoric ego of a Barbie doll, or, for a man, a Ken doll.

Also, scene kids refer to themselves as plastic barbies, whether it's true or not. It doesn't mean they are fake on the outside, or necessarily inside, but they do have obsessions with keeping up their image through material things. This usually means they really love their material items, i.e., their accessories, their hi-tops, their flashy clothes, etc.

See: Examples.

NOTE: This post is not to upset anyone or offend anyone:) I'm a scene kid, myself.
Blonde bimbo 1: Hey Tisha, look at that whore's fake tan.

Blonde bimbo 2: Yeah, I know. Must be a plastic barbie.

Scene girl: Dude, look at my awesome extensions!

Scene boy: That's NOTHING compared to my kick-a$$ striped hoodie with dinoz on the back!

Scene girl: Pshhh. You're such a plastic barbie!
by scene_Qu33n22 August 17, 2009
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