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A better looking version of a prep. it stared out being unique but turned to everyone looking the same. scene hair is a knotted mess of teased bullshit. scene make up is the preppy version of emo make up. scene people claim to know everything about music. but ask them their favorite band. then ask them questions about it. they will fail. they are suppose to listen to indie rock and soft screamo but now they listen to techno and rap which is for faggots. scene people be as fake as they can be. fake hair fake eyelashes go crazy with being fake if you want to be scene. they also type annoying and use extra letters to try and seem cool. they were graphic band shirts but once again won't know anything about the band odds are.
"ohhh myy fuckking godd i'm like suchh a fuckkking scene kiddddd . checkkkk out my fakeee eyelashessssss i bought yesterdayyy. loool!" example of how scene kids now talk
by ya'llcan'tfuckwiththis March 31, 2010
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