Uncomfortable torture machines for girls who don't think their eyelashes are long enough.
Girl 1: Omg your eyelashes are so long
Girl 2: Thanks, but they're fake eyelashes
Girl 1: Oh
by alxndrhmltn August 8, 2016
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Girl who wears fake eyelashes on a regular basis, not just on special occassions. She is as fake as her eyelashes. Fake hair extensions, fake nails, fake tan, lots of make-up, lots of fake accessories...etc. Her main goal in life is to find a sugar daddy to support her fake habit. Girls can see right through them but guys are blinded by the fake beauty. If she took all the "fake" off, she would just be another washed-up plain jane.
She ignored the seemingly average guy until she saw his new ride, that's when the fake eyelash girl instantly befriended him.
by hollaatchagirl2 May 19, 2011
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