An interjection when someone commits an action that resulted in well... utter failure (or disapprovment).
Guy#1: " I bet i can run all the way from one end of the tack field to the other in under 45 seconds."
*runs halfway and trips falling on his face
Guy#2:"HAHA!! FAILZ"
by KAMIKAZEBEOTCH May 29, 2009
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A guy who does nothing with his life but make 3D dragons and springtraps.
Guy 1: When will failz make SpringTrap v.10?
Guy 2: don't worry friend one day he will!
by CatGuyWhy February 14, 2019
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The many flaws in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, mainly that vampire don't exist, and even if they did, they would burn rather than sparkle in the sunlight. Oh, and the way Bella got pregnant without Edward having a hard-on. Hmm, mysterious little fucker, isn't he?
Bella: I think I'm pregnant.
Edward: No, you can't be, because I don't have a blood flow and therefore can't get a stiffy and can't knock you up, making "Breaking Dawn" pointless, as well as the rest of the series before it.
Bella: Right, I forgot how much Twilight failz.
by katiiehavokk. June 24, 2009
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