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A man who has exceeded the natural laws of fagasity and has attained the rank of 'faggy fag king'.

A faggy fag king is a beacon of intense faghood that can be seen from miles away due to their intense aura of liquid bullshit and the sound of Lady Ga Ga's monotone shit streaming of a speaker attached to a thing that can only be called the fagmobile or as many ancient cultures called it the "The unholy steed of the end". It is said that if one was ever to meet a fag king they should divert their gaze, lest they too be drawn into the orbit of the King and join his faggy entourage, i.e P.Diddy,R.kelly and any other so called star with a legion of unholy lobotomised fag zombies trailing them.In conclusion, a Faggy Fag king is a being of such awesome power that their very existence is a danger to all humans everywhere drawing beings into his destructive entourage like a black hole drawing in the very light of the universe into oblivion.This word can be used as an insult only when not in the presence of a FFK, if an FFK were to know that a human acknowledges their power it would unravel the very universe and change the constants of space an time resulting in an epic cluster-fuck that would lead to the end of the universe as we know it.
Guy 1: Dude!!! Did you watch Bruno?

Guy 2: Nope, im asuming you are going to tell me something about it and spoil the entire cinema experience.
Guy 1:Ok, Ok! Just be warned. Bruno is the Lord of all Faggy Fag kings.
by Liaserg June 13, 2010
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