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1) A man who women tend to bestow the honor upon as "one of ladies." He will do any favors for the women to like him more, usually taken advantage of. Not very attractive either, comes off homosexual but is only pathetic.

2) A man who seeks for women to like him, but they only see him as a friend but nonetheless enjoy his company.

3) A man who's only friends are women, not tough or rugged enough to socialize or fraternize with men.
1) When should i let Johnny know that he is just our ladies night fagboyman?

2) Mike keeps flirting with me, I'm not sure when to break the news to him that hes just a lame fagboyman.

3) Please do not invite Josh to the football game. He is just a fagboyman.
by The Rogue of Staten Island January 21, 2010
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