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Derived from Faff (to spend time in ineffectual activity) and Arse (a stupid, irritating or contemptible person)

Generally males who allow the small things define their lives. Frequently lower-middle-class closeted Hipsters, 2CV drivers and glampers. These people are seen to be washing their Hunter Wellies after a crazy trek across Shoreditch, making their partners handmade advent calendars and talking about when and when not to take the sparklers off real ale taps. They tend to be overly earnest about everything from their voluntary work in Micronesia to their carbon-fibre bicycles. Generally unable to exercise spontaneity, and with a limited sense of humour, a robust socialist political position and generally (but not exclusively) terrible at parties. Frequently very class-conscious and with overt snobbery which true Hipsters manage to hide.
"Oh god he spent six moths planning his one-week inter-rail trip to include that organic feta cheese factory. He was so keen to tell everyone how cheap it was, all his friends went first-class to New York instead. Even so he said the solitude of travelling made it all the better. Such a faffarse"
by AndyOC November 24, 2014
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