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Using Facebook to make yourself seem cooler than you actually are in real life as a means to impress. A person may facepress through:
-Statuses that exist purely for self glorification
-Comments designed to make he or she seem smart and/or hip/horny
-Pictures of them doing cool activities with friends (possibly staged for maximum coolness)
-Quizzes that tell you what female body part he or she is to show that he or she is comfortable with the human body, and is funny in a cute way.
John Smith is: Just got done working out at 24. Time to get ready for work 7 to close! come see me! Then gotta study for BioChem! Gotta be dedicated, to be the best. Impossible is nothing. Just do it.

John Smith's facepressing is second to few.
by Mastacoolman666 March 10, 2011
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