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When the true ideology of a noble concept is perverted and manipulated by unintelligent, moronic, man-hating pea-brains in a hypocritical manner. The end result is a completely different ideology that represents sexism towards men as opposed to the equal opportunity credo it represents. These ideas are largely spread on Facebook in the form of poorly typed articles, shared posts, and written statements of "rape culture" and "#whyineedfeminism".
Judy posted an article on Facebook talking about wage disparity. What a Facebook-Feminist!
by fudgeyew November 12, 2014
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Stay at home mums (SAHM) who spend their day liking and commenting on Facebook posts by Mamamia, and the Today Show.
That Facebook Feminist need a kick in the vagina.
by pfp December 09, 2014
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(A.k.a. Social media feminist.)
A person, generally a male, who pretends or acts like a feminist or an advocate for women's rights but is actually just trying to get laid or make themselves look good. See also white knight - white knighting.

Also sometimes can be used to describe someone who pretends to be a good person on social media when they aren't. But generally still applies to guys who are douchebags to women.
Person 1: "Did you see so and so post about the me too movement? What a fucking Facebook-feminist he tried to fuck my 15 year old sister at some party last year. That creep! I should beat his ass."

Person 2: "That's pretty yikesy dude. Smdh."
by PhraseTheSun July 21, 2018
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