Expressing a belief via a wall or status update on Facebook with full knowledge of the inevitable disproportionate backlash and furore it will cause. This is usually carried out as a final act before facebook suicide.
Me: You know what, I actually can't stand Katy Perry. Her music is crap. Exhibit A: her latest hit 'California Girls' shamelessly copies the instrumentation from Ke$ha's 'TikTok'. Her music is neither original nor artistic, typical of pop nowadays.
KPfan1: wot u talking bout!! her music is ammmaaaazing!! just jealous cos u'll never be as happy or successful as her!
KPfan2: yeah i know get a life! stop being harsh to her!!!
KPfan3: why you havin a go at her!!!! leave katy perry alone!!!!
KPfan4: oooooohhhhh myyyy gosddd! you didn't just say that!!!!!
Me: Well, this is a typical case of Facebook martyrdom...I have no regrets.
by Platonics. November 10, 2010
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